Monday, 13 May 2013

La música española

Really enjoy using music in lessons, particularly in the target language, but more often than not I enjoy it more than the pupils. I have recently discovered an artist on youtube, Kevin, Karla y la banda, who rerecord pop songs in Spanish. These are brilliant for Kagan activities - I frequently reinforce question and answers in the TL by getting pupils to prepare a response (or if they are higher ability, improvise their answers instead) and dance around the room to music. When the music stops, they must ask the person nearest to them to answer their question. I am known to shout "Now tell a fib!" to get pupils used to using more vocabulary rather than just their set response to a given question.

This is a current favourite - everyone loves a bit of Rhi-Rhi...

 We Found Love - Kevin, Karla y la banda en español

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